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Horrifying moment disabled man suffers serious burns after being hanged upside-down over a fire by Indian priests attempting to heal him


Bhawani Shankar Nanda has been disabled from birth and cannot walk properly
He was suspended over a furnace and flames can be seen hitting his body
Suffered serious burn injuries to his face, chest and hands in black magic ritual

A 37-year-old man has suffered serious burn injuries after he went to a temple and tried to cure his disability using black magic.

Bhawani Shankar Nanda, who has been disabled since birth and cannot walk properly, went to priests in the Vagamunda village of the Kandhamal district in Odisha, India.

A priest is said to have suggested the ceremony – in which Mr Nanda was hanged upside down over a fire – in hope of curing his disability permanently.

The ritual started by him being hanged upside down with a fire beneath.

Mr Nanda can be seen over the fire as a priest chants mantras and music is made around him.

An assistant to the priest then approaches from the other side and pours clarified butter, fueling the fire.

Disabled Mr Nanda can then be seen being hit by the flames as the assistant sprinkles more of the butter.

The ferocious flames rise to Mr Nanda’s body and he can then be seen falling down towards the fire before the priest and his assistant rush to save him.
Priests rushed to try and move the disabled man away from the flames but it was too late. Mr Nanda was treated at a local hospital for burns to his face, chest and hands.
They hold him from falling down but it is too late to stop the burn injuries.

Locals and the relatives Mr Nanda then rushed him to a nearby hospital where he received treatment.

Mr Nanda is said to be stable and can be seen with burn injuries on his face, chest and hands.

Doctors in the hospital were surprised at the burn injuries and advised he and his family members to not believe in such type of black magic or blind faiths as it could have killed him.

The doctor also suggested Mr Nanda sought seek medical expertise in order to cure his disability rather than visiting the priest and performing black magic rituals.


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