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LWMC launches first-ever gas flaring project

By Our Staff Reporter

Lahore: Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) successfully launched its first ever gas flaring project at closed Dumpsite Mahmood Booti here on Wednesday. Mahmood Booti is the oldest dump site located at the Ring Road, operational from 1998.
The estimated area of dumpsite is around 320 Kanal (40 Acres / 16 Hectors). This site has exhausted its capacity and attained the height of about 80 feet from the ground level; therefore the dumping was closed in April 2016.
According to an estimate approximately 13.14 million tons of waste has been dumped at Mahmood Booti. The biodegradable fraction of dumped waste is 55% to 60%. LWMC has taken an initiative for plantation on front façade of dumpsite facing Ring Road as a pilot project.
Till now LWMC has planted 14,500 plants of different species on front elevation covering an area of Approximately 20,000 m2.
The plantation has been done after necessary cutting and leveling of the area. LWMC has taken an initiative to access the dumpsite gas potential on south eastern side of Mahmood Booti dumpsite.
During the trial project Gas from four (04) identified Gas Vents already installed at dumpsite was collected and transported through 900 feet long gas pipeline to one point for testing and flaring. Since 13th June 2018, 1m3dumpsite gas is continuously captured and flared on daily basis. For demonstration LWMC has installed necessary apparatus including a two-burner stove and a gas lamp in allied office to flare the gas round the clock.
It is pertinent to mention that Methane has 56 times of Global warming potential for 20 years and 21 times for 100 years more than Carbon dioxide (CO2).A single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of (21.7kg) 48 lb. per year. The gas vents installed at dumpsite are releasing approximately 1cubic meter gas in 24 hours which is almost equal to 8 kg CO2/day and 2920 kg CO2/year. This means by flaring only 365m3/year Methane Gas, LWMC is protecting the environment same as done by 138 Trees in a year time.
It is estimated that dumpsite has potential to supply the combustible gas for at least next 7-10 years.

There are some possible opportunities for dumpsite gas utilization like collected dumpsite gas can be supplied to autoclave facility as a substitute of Natural Gas for steam generation through Boiler.

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