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The judiciary shouldn’t act like dictators: Chief Justice SHC

KARACHI: The Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Ahmed Ali M Sheikh has said that the judiciary holds a very important position in the country and should not act like dictators.

While addressing s conference in Karachi, the Chief Justice said that he is incredibly happy with the current magistrates because most of them belong to lower income families and that they have worked very hard to get where they are.

He said that all judges should promise themselves to work tirelessly for a just society. He said that judges should not adopt dictatorial policies and apply the principles of equality on all cases. The Chief Justice highlighted that the intentions of all judges should be in the right place and at one with their conscience.

The Supreme Court’s former judge, Justice (rtd) Khilji Arif also highlighted that judges should devote themselves wholly to the dispensation of justice and help people to the best of their ability.

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