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Pak not a state where anyone can be allowed to loot: CJ

LAHORE: Punjab Overseas Pakistanis (POP) Commissioner Afzal Bhatti on Friday informed the Supreme Court that he is not a Pakistani citizen.
“I held a public office despite not being a Pakistani citizen,” the Punjab Overseas Pakistanis (POP) Commissioner confessed as a three-member bench, headed by the chief justice heard a suo motu notice regarding his appointment at the Supreme Court’s Lahore Registry.
As Bhatti informed that he has been a “British citizen since birth,” Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar remarked, “Pakistan is not a country where anyone can be allowed to loot and plunder at will.”
Further, Justice Nisar ordered that a reference be filed against Bhatti. As the hearing went under way, the chief justice questioned Bhatti regarding his salary. “How much salary have you been getting? Do you know that a dam is being built and all salaries above original pay are being collected for its donation,” Justice Nisar remarked.
The chief justice continued, “Afzal Bhatti, I have an offer for you. Return the money that you have received above your original pay.” Further during the heating, DG NAB Lahore Major (retd) Saleem Shahzad informed the bench, “Bhatti served as former premier Nawaz Sharif’s secretary and as Shehbaz Sharif’s political secretary.”
“Bhatti does not even have the experience required to be an overseas commissioner,” the DG NAB Lahore asserted and presented an audit report to the three-member bench.
Major (retd) Saleem Shahzad explained that a selection committee had forwarded three names to then Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif for consideration for the post. “After Shehbaz’s approval, Bhatti was appointed overseas commissioner,” the DG NAB Lahore said.
“He received a salary of Rs0.5million,” he continued. To this, the chief justice asked Bhatti, “Will you return the amount over the original pay or should we send the reference to NAB?”
In response, Bhatti said, “I challenge NAB’s audit report.” Justice Nisar then directed NAB to hear Bhatti’s statements and file a reference against him.
Drugs prices case: CJP annoyed at SHC for granting stay order
Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar expressed annoyance over granting stay order to the big lawyers by Sindh High Court (SHC) in the case pertaining to prices of medicines as the CJP asked how SHC suspended the law.
CJP remarked that the stay orders were being distributed in SHC by closing eyes. “No one fears God. Whosoever has not to work should get stipend and pension and go home,” the CJP said.
A three-member bench of SC presided over by CJP Mian Saqib Nisar took up the case pertaining to prices of the medicines for hearing on Wednesday.
CJP while expressing annoyance at grant of stay order by SHC remarked that the big lawyers got stay orders from chamber and SHC was distributing stay orders with closing its eyes.
The CJP while ordering the SHC to decide on petitions regarding stay order within 15 days remarked if SHC would not decide, the stay order would be vacated. —app
He further remarked that the matters related to health and medicines should run on war footing basis. “Change has come in Drug Regulatory Authority. However they can do what. Court is granting stay orders,” he said.
The court while seeking record pertaining to medicines from SHC had issued notices to all the parties concerned. The court adjourned the hearing of the case for indefinite period.


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