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FBR attaches bank accounts for recovery of disputed Rs 173m

Caretaker Minister Industry gets stay order


By M J Hayat

LAHORE: Provincial Caretaker Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, Irrigation, Mines and Zakat and Ushr Mian Anjum Nisar has said that he and his brothers have attained stay order against the FBR for seizing their bank accounts immediately after the Lahore High Court (LHC) Double Bench gave verdict in favour of the department over a disputed amount of Rs 173 million approximately.
The amount of Rs 15 million which the FBR has recovered by seizing his and brothers’ accounts would be adjusted once the case is decided in their favour, the Minister told Daily The Business on Monday.
Anjum Nisar said that this is a part of the routine matter and the FBR is habitual of adopting such tactics against the legal businesses. He said that the FBR had attached the accounts two days ago but the information was made public later on Monday.
Earlier, the FBR sources said its Lahore Region recovered millions of rupees evaded taxes from the bank accounts of the Minister and his brothers.
The sources also said that ATS Group Directors and provincial caretaker Minister Mian Anjum Nisar were defaulting Rs 15 million on account of tax for the tax year 2017 and the Board recovered the same by attaching the bank account of the Minister.
The Board also seized the bank accounts of the minister’s brother Nadeem Nisar, who was to pay over Rs 130 million super taxes on account of tax years 2015, 16, 17. However, the Board could recover only Rs 5 million, it was stated.
The FBR also confiscated the bank accounts of Sohail Nisar, another brother of the provincial caretaker minister, the sources claimed. Sohail Nisar has not paid Rs 28m tax for the proceeding years, the sources said, adding that the FBR on the whole recovered only Rs20m from the minister and his brother, he said, adding that the minister and his brothers were served many legal notices for the payment of the evaded taxes but they failed to comply with the legal instruction.
It is pertinent to mention here that the provincial minister has been a renowned businessman and former president of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)



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