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Imran Khan declares victory in elections, promises ‘Naya Pakistan’

As the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  is well ahead in the general election winning majority of the national and provincial seats, its chairman Imran Khan has promised to deliver to the common people and not resort to retaliatory measures against his political rivals.

While giving a victory speech, the cricket star turned politician said that in his “new Pakistan” accountability will begin from him and his electoral representatives. “We will set a precedence of supremacy of law.”

“We will introduce a system of law which will be applicable to everyone alike.” “We will build the institutions that will rectify the system of governance of the country,” he added.

“Investment will not come to Pakistan unless the system of governance in Pakistan is rectified,” Imran asserted.

The PTI chief promised to open probe into any electoral constituency following the general elections, as requested.

Imran further said that “we will run this country like it has never been run before”, and added that he pledges to guard the wealth and taxes of the people. He also said he will not live in the Prime Minister’s house but a simple, non-extravagant residence.

“We will lower governmental expenditures and spend on the people,” the PTI chief said. “We will introduce a culture of taxation in the masses.”

On the upcoming foreign policy, Imran said Pakistan is facing major challenges on the global level and said that the government will establish good relations with the neighbours, such as China. “Saudi Arabia has stood with us in all difficult times.”

“Afghanistan has a lost majorly in the war on terror,” he said and added. “Peace in Afghanistan will mean there will be peace in Pakistan.” He further said Pakistan may have an ‘open border’ with Afghanistan in the days to come.

The PTI chief stressed that Pakistan and India must resolve the issue of Kashmir through talks. “We will play the role of a mediator in the Middle East.” We will opt for balanced relations with the US, he added.

“The two countries should sit down and resolve their issues through dialogue.” He lamented at how the Indian media had projected him as a ‘villain’ during the elections.

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