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Girl 14 abducted and raped twice, India

Double gang-rape horror: Girl, 14, is abducted and raped by two men… only for ANOTHER group to sexually assault her as she made her way home in India

  • The 14-year-old girl left her home in Madhya Pradesh on the evening of July 6
  • Mohit Bharadwaj, 22, persuaded her to go to the home of Rahul Bhonde, 24
  • Once inside the home both men allegedly raped her and held her overnight 
  • She was released the following day but three more men are accused of taking her back to the home where she was raped a second time 

A 14-year-old girl was gang raped twice in two days by two different groups of men who are now under arrest in India, police say.

The teenager left her home in Chhindwara, in Madhya Pradesh state, on the evening of July 6 when she met 22-year-old Mohit Bharadwaj.

Bharadwaj persuaded the girl to ride with him on a motorbike to the home of Rahul Bhonde, 24, where both men allegedly raped her.

The men kept her at the property overnight before releasing her the following day, according to NDTV.

But after being let go the girl was picked up by a gang of three more men – identified as Bunty Bhalavi, 23, Ankit Raghuvanshi,25 and Amit Vishwakarma, 21.

Those men took her back to the same house where she was raped for a second time and held for another night.

The girl’s parents had earlier contacted police when she failed to return home and officers eventually found her in a ‘disoriented state’ on July 8.

When officers were told what had happened they formed a task force to hunt for the men, who have now been arrested.

The five are currently in jail charged with gang rape, intimidation, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment and child sex offences.

Investigations are continuing, Chhindwara’s police superintendent said.


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