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SUPARCO indigenous developed PakTES 1A launched along with Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellites successfully


It is announced with great pleasure that by the grace of Almiggty Allah, SUPARCO indigenous developed PakTES 1A launched along with Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellites successfully. The first Telemetry Data is also received successfully at Santiago (Sweden) n Chinese Ground Stations. These are the Moments of pride and honor for all of Pakistanis.

List of Pakistani scientists

Asad A. Abidi, electrical engineer
Haroon Ahmed, electrical engineer
Ishfaq Ahmad, nuclear physicist
Nazir Ahmed, nuclear physicist
M. A. B. Beg, theoretical particle physicist
Shahid Hussain Bokhari, computer systems engineer
Rafi Muhammad Chaudhry, nuclear physicist
Ahmad Hasan Dani, archaeologist
Peter Finke, particle physicist
Fayyazuddin, theoretical physicist
Pervez Hoodbhoy, nuclear physicist
Ashiq Hussain, neuroscientist
Faheem Hussain, theoretical physicist
Syed Tajammul Hussain, chemist and nano-technologist
Tasneem Zehra Hussain String theorist
Mujahid Kamran, theoretical physicist
Abdul Qadeer Khan, metallurgical engineer
Munir Ahmad Khan, nuclear engineer
Javaid Laghari, electrical engineer
Abdul Majid (physicist), rocket scientist and engineer
Samar Mubarak Mand, nuclear physicist
Nergis Mavalvala, astrophysicist
Qasim Mehdi, molecular biologist
Salim Mehmud, nuclear scientist
Asad Naqvi, mathematical physicist
Ansar Pervaiz, nuclear scientist
Atta ur Rahman, organic chemist
Abdul Razaque, computer scientist and engineer
Riaz-ud-Din, theoretical physicist
Abdullah Sadiq, nuclear physicist
Umar Saif, computer scientist
Abdus Salam, theoretical physicist (Nobel Laureate 1979)
Tasneem M. Shah, theoretical physicist
Irfan Siddiqi, physicist in quantum measurement & nano-science
Kushnood Ahmed Siddiqui, scientist
Raziuddin Siddiqui, astrophysicist
Salim-uz-Zaman Siddiqui, chemist
Ishrat Hussain Usmani, nuclear physicist
Muhammad Suhail Zubairy, physicist in quantum optics
Muhammad Yar Khuhawar, chemist


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