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Eleven Thai Boys Rescued From Cave in Rescue Operation – Reports


Earlier in the day, the rescue operation entered its third stage, with the rescuers hoping to bring out all the people remaining trapped inside the cave system.

Three children from the Thai youth soccer team “Wild Boar” have been taken out of a flooded cave on the third day of the rescue operation. Another schoolboy and the team’s 25-year-old coach are still waiting for help.

The children rescued from the cave have been immediately sent to the hospital in Chiang Rai.

During the previous two days of evacuation, rescuers saved eight soccer players.

Twelve teenagers from Thai junior football team and their coach disappeared on June 23. They entered the seven-kilometer-long Tham Luang cave and could not get out because a rainfall had flooded the exit.

The search lasted for ten days after which they all were found alive though exhausted from starving.

Early on Sunday, the head of the rescue team announced the start of an operation to get the teenagers and their coach out of the cave. The children were taken out in light-diving gear and for one-fifth of the journey they swam under the water accompanied by experienced divers.



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