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Water saving campaign need of time, says Agri spokesman


By Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE: Spokesman of Agriculture Department Punjab has said that Pakistan is ranked 7th in the world facing water scarcity problem. Spokesman disclosed that during inception of Pakistan, every citizen has availability of water for himself up to 5 to 6 thousand cubic meter which has now diminished up to one thousand cubic meter and until 2025 it will be available up to 800 cubic meter for every citizen.
Pakistan utilized water 93pc for Agriculture purpose and rest of 7pc for other usage. Spokesman disclosed that as per report received from IRSA, water for agriculture purpose will available in lesser quantity than needful addressed during Rabi and Kharif season. Spokesman also indicated that water scarcity in our country is due to many reasons i.e Indian aggression water policy against Pakistan, Influx population, Climatic change etc.
Spokesman also says that Agriculture Department in collaboration with World Bank is encouraging drip irrigation under on-going Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) to overcome scarcity of water. Under this project, Agriculture Department is installing drip & sprinkler irrigation on subsidy basis in the fields of farmers.
Drip irrigation system is suitable for crop cultivation when irrigation water or rainwater is not enough for conventional farming. This technology, so far, has been adopted by many farmers across Punjab owing to acute shortage of river water and limited rains.Keeping in view its high efficiency in conserving water, increasing per acre yield and reducing cost of cultivation, there is a need to create awareness among farmers about the drip irrigation system. With this technology, the farmers could save 60% electricity and diesel costs augmenting per acre yield by 100pc.

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