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139 accused including 43 heinous proclaimed offenders arrested

 Our Correspondent

Lahore: As per directions of Inspector General of Police Punjab Capt.
(R) Arif Nawaz Khan a crackdown against criminals and anti-social
elements of society is continued with speed across Punjab. Legal
procedure is being followed after arrest of proclaimed offenders and
drugs peddlers. 43 proclaimed offenders have been arrested under the
leadership of DPO Mianwali Mumtaz Ahmad Dev during last two weeks.
Among these arrested proclaimed offenders 23 are of A category whereas
20 proclaimed offenders are of B category. 30 cases have been
registered against drug peddlers along with arresting 30 accused and
recovering around 15 Kg Chars and 305 liters alcohol. 60 cases have
been registered against illegal possession of weapons including 03
klashankov, 11 gun 12-bore, 06 rifles, 02 revolvers, 06 carbeen, 33
pistols of 30 bores and 221 cartridges and collectively 60 accused
have been arrested in this regard.  Likewise, 06 accused of 3 gangs
involved in dacoity and motorcycles theft have been arrested who are
also wanted in 12 cases in different police stations. 2 lac 08
thousand rupees of theft money, two motorcycles, 3 pistols and 30 bore
have been recovered from them. 02 vehicles have also been recovered
which were lifted from different districts and handed over to their
owners. On this occasion DPO Mianwali said that all resources are
being utilized to purge the district from crimes in order to ensure
protection of lives and properties of people.

DPO Mianwali said that as per vision of IG Punjab Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz
Khan the search operations and checking in all district is going on in
accordance with the already set SOP and stern campaign against
criminals and anti social elements of society is going on speedily to
ensure law and order in the district. As per orders of worthy IG
Punjab, teams have been constituted against drug pushers and I myself
is monitoring these teams and it is being ensured that law abiding
citizens may avoid any trouble during the operation. He further said
that police have a wide cooperation of citizens in this operation due
to which better results are being achieved.

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